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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Old Fashioned Christmas Concert - Alma School

     The following story appeared in the West Prince Graphic - Wednesday, December 24, 2008 page 8.  By Blanche (Mountain) Bowness, Alberton (formerly of Alma).
     Always at this time of year my mind flashes back to the Alma School Christmas Concert.
     The teacher would be reminded early and we couldn't wait to do our parts.  We only practiced for a week, and when the night was picked, then there were curtains to hang on the stage.
     And, of course the tree.  No problem, the older boys were only too glad to get away and didn't rush, but always had a nice tree, which the public decorated.
     We always had an organ provided by one of the neighbors.  And of course there were planks and blocks needed for seating.  Marion's (Barbour) would arrive with "Prince" and the wood sleigh with these as they were stored in her dad's granary.  If we were short we could always count on the neighbours for some.
     Rennies Store was full of the Christmas aroma as Blanche and Fred would have in a supply of fruit and candy, as well as a supply of fruit and candy, as well as plenty of dolls, games,, etc., on the shelves.  Then on the day of the concert, we would go over the program and after school pack the treats and also fudge to sell.
     We couldn't wait to arrive at the concert dressed up in our best, ready to do our parts.  Willy and Garth (Dunbar) always sang also Wanda (Barbour) and I.  There were dialogues and recitations, and then we all sand, "Santa Claus is coming, we shall welcome him with glee.  He'll have a gift for everyone upon the Christmas tree.  He'll not forget a single child, how happy we shall be, for Santa Clause is coming."
     And as we helped Santa pass out treats and gifts, we always remembered the little ones not yet in school.  I recall carrying up Preston M (Murphy) and Willard and the others for their treats.  Then as we sang "Farewell Santa".  He would give a little step and blow his horn ending the truly magical evening.
Blanche Bowness, Alberton (c.1950s)

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