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Friday, February 15, 2013

Meeting the Train in Alma - 1940's

     I was quizzing my father, Wilbert Jeffery, about who was responsible for the Alma Train Station in Alma.  In those days at the small, whistle stop stations, like Alma, had no Station Agents like some of the bigger stations like Alberton - so there was a local person who, "met the train", in the morning and in evening.  Wilbert recalls the person in Alma was Tommy Henderson who lived on the Western Road in the hollow below the Anglican Church, next to the Curries, in the house where in the latter part of the 1900's Keith and Blanche Bowness lived.
     Tommy Henderson met the train to get the mail and would take it over to Wallace and Annie Donalds who had the post office in their home (Desmond & Hazel Gallants today) on the Western Road near Alma Corner.
     Above: Carter's photo of the old Alma Train Station -see upper right where
the Alma sign used to be - most recently owned by James *Jim* MacNeill.
     Wilbert said when he was young, in the mid-1940's, he and other local fellows use to go out to the station mostly on Saturday evenings (there wasn't much else to do) to hang out and wait for the train with Tommy and when he got the mail would go with him to the Donalds.  The train came up from central PEI every evening, ending in Tignish, then leave the next morning to the middle of the Island again.
     Wilbert couldn't recall who met the train after Tommy.

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