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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alberton School Fair Prize List

Published in The P. E. Island Agriculturist, Summerside, PEI, October 26, 1918.

Prize winners from Alma -
*White Potatoes C 1, Claude Wade, Central Kildare; 2, Ray O'Brien, Alberton; 3, Marion Platte, Alma; 4, Alvin Ashley, Hills River.
*Pumpkins C 1, Annie Pridham, Montrose; 2, Margaret Dunbar, Alma; 3, Willie Rayner, Alberton; 4, Florence Rennie, Alma.
*Green Tomatoes C 1, Gladys Campbell, Montrose; 2, Charles Johnston, Hills River; 3,
Blanche Rennie, Alma; 4, Elizabeth Leard, South Kildare.
*Apple (Alexanders) C 1, Joyce McArthur, Union; 2, Thelma Larkin; 3, Ethel Hardy, Alma; 4, Irene Hardy, South Kildare.
*Sewing and Knitting C Apron (Girls over 12) 1, Ethel Hardy, Alma; 2, Mamie Foley, Central Kildare; 3, May Kinch, Alberton South; 4, Margaret Kinch, Central Kildare.
*Knitted Socks C AC 1, Shirley MacArthur, Union; 2, Edith Dunn, Alberton; 3, Catherine Gordon, Montrose; 4, Ethel Hardy, Alma. 

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