The 1863 Lake Map. Lot 3. Source: Note Centerline Road is marked "Proposed Road"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Montrose United Church

     Montrose United Church sits, facing east, in a grove of mostly maple trees at the far east end of the Centerline Road.  It served both Montrose and Alma communities as a regular place of worship until 1969 when amalgamating with Alberton Pastoral Charge, thus becoming known as the Alberton-Elmsdale Pastoral Charge.
     The church was erected in 1945 after fire destroyed the original church on May 21, 1944 – seventy (70) years ago.  The new church opened one and a half years later on November 11, 1945.
     The planning, faith, cooperation and hard work put into rebuilding was well worth the effort.  There was once again a place to give thanks and worship in Montrose.  Fellowship meetings for both the youth and adults (Sunday School, Young Peoples Society, Bible Study, etc.) resumed in the church.
     It must have been a glorious day as people congregated for that first service in 1945, in their new Montrose United Church.
     A couple of photos shows a few people of the congregation gathered at the church entrance following Sunday Worship.
     In this summer 1959 photo...
Muriel (Baker) Barbour – (wife of Roy Barbour); Marion Barbour – (later wife of Jack Donald); Ann Barbour – (later wife of Barry Sandercock); Shirley Barbour – (later wife of Leslie Hardy); Jean Barbour – (later wife of Billy Oliver); between Marion and Shirley, in the door, is “Artie” Arthur Pridham of Montrose – a faithful man to his church.

     The Rev. Robert A. Crooks served as Minister at the Montrose Pastoral Charge for the years 1959-61.
     Standing outside the church in this 1963 photo...
Lynda Bowness – ((later wife of Allan Leard); Donna Barbour  - (later wife of Ronnie MacPhee); Revada (Rayner) Barbour – (wife of George Bowness); Kay (Lockerby) Barbour – (wife of Jack Barbour); Daisy (Rix) Barbour – (wife of Waldron Barbour)

      Mr. Brown M. Jardine served as minister at the Montrose Pastoral Charge for the years 1962-65.

** The write-up,  pictures and 1950’s postcard of the Montrose United Church courtesy of Donna (Barbour) MacPhee.